Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Champ is 7

How can he be 7 already.  
I was overly emotional for this birthday. 
 Birthdays come and go, and this one did me in.  
Maybe because he is our only boy, maybe because all those Sunday morning he would cry to be with me at church are a distant memory.  I don't want him to ever stop crawling in bed with me in the morning, or begging to cuddle with me before school.  I don't ever want him to lose that little twinkle in his eyes when he looks at me just like his dad looks at me.  
He is becoming our little guy, some days he drives me bonkers and then others I just swoon over how adorable and sweet he can be with his sisters.  

He got tons of gifts this year but his favorites were his bowcaster (just like chewbacca's) and his new running shoes

We went downtown to a little place called the Detroit Dart Club, it was in a totally shady part of the city, and we shot each other with nerf guns for 90 minutes! 

We did a tiny little sunday celebration with my parents and brother, full of breaded steak and ice cream cookie sandwhiches

I love you so much Champy Otter


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