Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Today was rough

Today I had a bad day.  I felt bad for myself, and had a pity party all day.  Things didn't go as planned at a doctor appointment and I let it get the best of me and beat me down.  

It wasn't until close to 6 tonight that I snapped out of it and realized how blessed I truly am.  

I had these 3 little crazies making me laugh uncontrollably in the car, and I stopped and realized I let a whole day go by without appreciating what I had around me. 

I'm laying in bed right now with my 6 year old son.  I remember a time when I couldn't get this guy to stop crying and clinging to me, and people would say the one day you will miss that.  I know the days are numbered, the time is coming when he will no longer want to sleep with me and cuddle up in my arms when Dad is out of town, but man alive the love this kid has me, even when I am crabby and not doing a great job, means I must be doing something right, or it could just be God's grace reminding me that it will all be ok and tomorrow his mercies are new.

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