Tuesday, April 7, 2015

the tooth

Around 18 months old christopher fell and chipped his tooth, we have had a couple of problems with that tooth ever since.  He lost teeth earlier than normal and got small absests on his gums, and this tooth even started turning a very dark gray.  
This past week I took him into get it checked out only to find that his big tooth was trying to come through and if that small tooth didn't come out the big one would come in all crooked.  So the dentist decided to pull it out, this tooth was a little touchy to get out, all the roots were still in tact, it wasn't coming out for a long time.  
Christopher was such a champ, he didn't shed a tear and was pretty numb for most of the day!  
He still hasn't put it under his pillow because he really wants to put it on a string and wear it as a necklace, I think he got that weirdness from his father! 

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