Monday, July 7, 2014

Unfailing Love #2

Although she is my feisty one and at most times I would rather do things and leave her with a sitter, she was the funnest to have at the fireworks last week!  

The way these 4 love each other! There is no greater joy than watching my kids love their cousins. 

Long talks with this one, it was just her and I. 

Watching him sleep, he rarely naps anymore but there is this off day when we crawl in bed together and he is out.  I could watch my kids sleep for hours. 

It is like her right of passage jumping with the kids, but actually jumping getting her little feet off the ground! 

Summer living, I can't be more thankful for inlaws who love when I stop by even if it is every day!! 

The way these 2 make me laugh, they are like having twins but not living together. 

Oh coca cola!! These bottles are making my summer bright, I am on a mission.

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