Thursday, June 26, 2014

Unfailing Love

I was telling a friend tonight that with everything that has gone on in the past month, it makes me hold tight to my little life.  

I hold my kids tighter.
I rub their backs or arms or leggies longer.
I want to remember their little quirks longer.
I hold tight to the words my husband says to me. 
I hold tight to the friendships that have been bonded together.

These are my reminders...they aren't amazing pictures but my reminders of God's unfailing love.

Vivienne making new friends with the flamingos that have been in my in-laws yard for years.  
She was entranced with them, petting them, talking to them. 

The kids fight over who gets to sleep with me when Matt is away, Maddy used to be this crazy all over the bed sleeper, the roles have reversed.  This guy at one point in the middle of the night climbed on top of my legs and slept with his arms and legs wrapped around me like a koala bear. 

The way she sits like such a lady when she is doing everything.

The way this guy complains about doing something, but once he gets somewhere he is all in! 

The way these 2 love and adore each other!!!

His weirdness!  "Mom take a picture of me, I have a bear shirt on and am sitting on top of a bear.  That's crazy."


lori bunk said...

i love this post!
the last picture is my favorite... his logic is awesome!

denise said...

Your kiddos crack me up!
Hugs my friend!!!


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