Monday, June 9, 2014

School's out for summer

The 2013/2014 has officially come to a close.  i feel as though i was running a marathon those last couple of weeks of school and now that it is over we are ready to relax. 

I took this picture the morning of our very last drop off! 

Amidst all that chaos here is the rundown...
in the last month of school
  • was awarded student of the month for showing self-control throughout the school year.  
  • She made the principal's list 
  • she was also awarded an academic achievement in History
  • has grown leaps and bounds 
Needless to say 2nd grade was good to her.  She had a great class this year and an amazing teacher in Mrs. Turner.  

Mrs. Turner & Maddy last day of 2nd grade

  • Had a rough go of it at the beginning of the year complaining of not having any friends and hated being dropped off in the morning, by mid year he was loving every second of it. 
  • he had an amazing pre-school teacher who I will miss not seeing 3 times a week.  
  • He graduated pre-school and put on quite the performance, especially after the week we were having, he had us rolling in our seats during his performance. 
  • He tested already for kindergarten and he is testing at almost a 7 year olds level!  woohoo!
Mrs Round & Champ last day of school

Preschool Graduation
Because this is real life!

1st day of Preschool                                                       Last Day of Preschool

1st day of 2nd Grade                                                          

Last day of 2nd Grade

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