Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Sunday we spent the evening at the Bunk's house for Father's Day.  The weather was gorgeous, the kids didn't fight, we ate amazing food and laughed till we cried (literally).
I love getting pictures of the kids jumping in the pool it might be one of my favorite things about summer.  Maddy and Isaac were having a jumping contest, you be the judge.

Now these 2!  They have a love/hate relationship, they are either loving and sharing or fighting and pushing, they are almost like Maddy and Isaac reincarnated.  They are 2 months apart and look like they could be twins.  Lori and I wanted to see how much they would look alike with matching fountain ponytails and we just about lost it!  Jacob kept his little pony in for quite some time and then put Viv's rain boots on, from the back we all thought he was Vivienne.


lori bunk said...

you got some amazing pictures!! i love the ones of them jumping in the pool!

Keri said...

they are all so cute


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