Wednesday, March 19, 2014

This Dress

Almost 5 years ago my Aunt Diane gave Madeline her very first dress up dress.  She loved it and it was very well loved.  She then grew out of it and it got out in a box for hopefully later use, I'm surprised it lasted through quite a few purges actually.  

We'll fast forward to about a month ago, now that Viv goes up and downstairs as she pleases I am surprised at some of the stuff she brings up to me.  Anyway she brought this dress up about a month ago, I didn't think anything of it until 7 days later every morning she woke up she would ask to wear it.  She will go to my parents in this dress, she will sleep in this dress, she helps me bake in it, she dances in this dress.  She does everything in it.  
It is so beat up but it fills my heart seeing her love this dress.  
That's all I can say without choking back tears. 


lori bunk said...

this post made me pretty emotional. so beautiful!!!!

denise said...

<3 hugs, my friend! <3

Keri said...

so sweet

Patti Carollo said...

This is so precious Nina love you sweetheart! <3


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