Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dog Days of Summer

We have been trying to cram every last ounce of summer in this week.  I have no idea why I feel like life is ending once school starts back up.

Anyway today we had quite the busy day we celebrated both my niece Scarlett and my niece Zoey's birthdays.  

I was fortunate enough to swindle my sister in law to watch champ and Viv while I took Maddy and Scarlett out for a couple hours.  These 2 girls are the absolute sweetest together the way they laugh and giggle, make up secret handshakes, talk about their siblings, it just melted my heart seeing them more as young ladies than little kids. 

After we dropped Scarlett off, we grabbed the littles and headed to get Zoey, once again swindled my SIL to take girls day continued with crafts at home while Viv napped and Orange Leaf yogurt after she woke up, and them cupcakes for class tonight at church.  
I love how silly these 2 are, they definitely are Bunks, I loved watching them interact because they are definitely their fathers daughters, agitating each other and playing house so intensely, making jokes and just belly laughing. 

1 comment:

lori bunk said...

thank you so much for taking her... she had SO MUCH FUN! i love the picture of her decorating the cupcakes with blue frosting on her lips!!!


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