Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dear Vivienne

I remember it was a couple nights after you were born, we were still at the hospital and I was exhausted, the nurses brought you back from the nursery to eat, so I fed you but in all honesty I was so exhausted I think you ate and then passed out laying on my chest while I had passed out too.  I woke up and realized what happened and loved it, I loved that you fell asleep on me, that you were so cuddly and comfy on me and from that moment I thought oh I hope she is a cuddler, I hope she likes to get all snuggled up with me, and boy was I right.  You love getting up on my lap and wrapping yourself in your blanket on me, I love that when you do crawl up on me you let me squeeze you and rub your leggies.  

Lets fast forward to this morning when you woke up at 4 am for no particular reason.  I rocked you in your rocking chair for a couple minutes but soon realized you weren't going back to sleep, so we crawled in my bed for a little bit watched about 15 minutes of toonies and then turned the tv off and laid in the dark.  Not long after that you crawled right up on top of me, you laid right on my belly/chest I tried to move you back on to the bed but sure enough you crawled back on top of me and fell fast asleep.  I just laid there in the stillness of the early morning thanking God for the little blessing you are and how much joy you bring to both Daddy and I daily.    

I love you.

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Sue Marchitto said...

look how big and adorable she is! Miss u guys! Aunt Susie


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