Thursday, May 2, 2013

Oh little lamby

Oh little Viv, if you only knew how much joy you bring into our lives.

The way you growl in the morning when we come in to get you.
The way you will only kiss daddy and sometimes Maddy, i mean ONLY.
The way you know just who to go to, to have them hold you so you aren't staring at peoples butt's.
The way you love to wear your little hello kitty pearls...everywhere.
The way you will not sit still.
The way you cuddle on my shoulder when you wake up from your nap.
The way you call Champ "Bub".
The way everything else is "dis".
The way you love to find a good book and lounge.
The way you love to climb in to your cozy coupe the wrong way.
The way you want daddy to hold you as soon as he gets home.
The way you walk around with your bottle between your teeth, hands free.
The way you LOVE popsicles. 
The way you love playing in your little playhouse, making sure all the windows are closed and all the doors are shut. 

We love you lamby.

1 comment:

Kyle Galuszka said...

I have to have a printed pic of the one of her on the porch! More and more beautiful all the time.


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