Friday, May 10, 2013

Conversations to never forget.

Yesterday while driving Maddy to school Champ started the most wonderful conversation...

Champ: how much water do we need in vivienne's bottle, so i can tell miss janelle tomorrow.
Me: she drinks milk now, so we don't need formula
Maddy:  why doesn't she drink formula?
Me: well when babies are under a year old they drink formula or breast milk and then after they turn 1 they get reg. milk
Champ: what is breast milk?
Maddy: (slapping her hand to her face)  Oh no this is going to be gross

I explain to him what breast milk is, the most eloquent way i can

Maddy: Oh geez, why did you have to tell him that, it is gross.

This conversation led too

  • marriage
  • how much you love your husband more than you parents
  • Champ thinking I was going to die when he got married
  • Maddy thinking I was rude for loving Matt more than my parents
  • then we were all crying because we missed great papa
Later that day Champ helped me clean the kitchen floor, with all the baby wipes that Viv so wonderfully pulled out of the container.  We were driving to pick up Maddy several hours later and I hear from the back seat...

Champ: Your welcome mommy
Me: Oh ok, for what?
Champ:  for helping you clean the floor.

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