Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Her Heart

She is growing up into this little young lady, and her heart is so pure.  I feel like maybe I am actually doing something right.  She always wants to help me, and even when I don't ask she is right behind me grabbing a bottle or holding a door for me.
I noticed I tell her she has to practice her spelling words before she can play a game on her ipod, and I peak in and she is ACTUALLY doing it, she didn't swindle me and go hide in her room to watch netflix.  
She gets tears, just seeing me in tears. 
She rigged a make shift desk in the basement for herself, she makes crafts for people, she had a craft show for Matt and I the other day and greeted us at the entrance with a piece of candy and a craft to take with us (matt a frame, me a foam pond with butterflies).
She holes herself up in the basement and writes cards to people, and writes songs. 
She writes SONGS!  I was almost in tears.  

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