Thursday, March 14, 2013

Brain Dump

I spent 3 hours in the truck with my kids tonight...I wonder what people with quiet kids do!

I am determined to be creative at least once a week, here is this weeks. I made a salt dough tag and used stamps for the letters.

Tomorrow my son goes for his first birthday sleepover, I'm nervous and excited for him.

Milk is over-rated! I never thought one of my kids would be not on regular milk.

Spring is so close, I have given into the shorts battle with my son, what is one more cold anyway!

I am so madly in love with Maddy's haircut I want to brush and play with it all the time.

My bed is so lonely without my other half!!!!

My baby growls a lot, I mean like she greets me in the morning with a growl, should I be concerned?

I am working on grace and it is H A R D.

He is learning his letters, he is a pro at writing them just not knowing what they are, oh well.

She will be getting a new bike, the one she picked out I would die for!

I am longing for salty air in my hair.

I have gotten terrible at blogging, but awesome at instagramming.

Viv wearing Maddy's Vans shoes from when she was a baby makes my heart so full!!

Watching my daughter worship God on her knees last Sunday almost brought me to tears.

I need a blender, there are too many options and I don't want to make the wrong decision.

1 comment:

April Maus said...

i loved reading your thoughts :) P.S. How did Champ get so big?! He looks like such a big boy writing his letters!! So sweet!


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