Saturday, January 26, 2013

12 months ago today

Oh little Vivienne, words can't even begin to describe the joy you have brought into our lives and the love you have filled out hearts with.  You may be a 3rd baby but, by all means you are our little baby and will remain the spoiled little baby that you are.

We are madly in love with your little belly laugh, your little huffs and puffs, the way you get so excited when we open your door in the morning, the way you wait at the door every afternoon for Maddy and start dancing when she walks up, the way you weeble wobble walk, the way you sit and play quietly in the sunroom by yourself, the way your thighs squished in our hands, the way you just let us hug and squeeze you, the way you light up when you see daddy, the way you run from your big brother, the way you love to look at and hold little things while getting your diaper changed, the way you grin with no teeth, and the way you smile with all your little teeth.

We love you so so much Viv, little lamby, little lambchop, fibbers, fibber mcdibber.

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