Saturday, December 1, 2012

10 Months

10 Months how in the world did you get so big so fast!  

Oh pretty Vivi, you bring so much joy into our lives.  
You just started saying Hi, and waving, you light up when we cheer for you, you love to clap your hands, you love to make noises with your little lips, you still wake up twice a night 9sometimes only once), you definately need your beauty sleep because at 7 pm you have had enough, you light up when Daddy walks in the room, and you look for your big sister all day while she is at school, you love to stand all by yourself (but no steps yet), Mom has brought the pack n play out for you to play in becasue you are CRAZY and you are so good in it, your big brother has started to grow on you, and you have stayed with Grandy and Nana without shedding a tear, you little bald spot is almost covered by your growing mohawk.

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