Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Best Coast 2012

We spent the last week in Sunny SoCal!  It was magnificent, we got to spend the week with my parents, and enjoy the sunny beach EVERY day!  

Carlsbad Inn - In n' Out - Moonlight Beach - Phil's BBQ - Boogie Boarding - Digging holes - Swimming - Maddy swimming underwater - Food Truck Rally - Horse Race - Punching Waves - Viv eating fistfuls of sand - Menchie's - Building batman in the sand - No sunburns - Egg in a basket - La Jolla Cove - Seals - Leopard shark - Knockout Pizza - afternoon meltdowns - date night - Encinitas - UNIV - Sushi - Truck with wood in it - Sprinkles - Daddy's Birthday - Little kid tan lines - Hot Tub - Nana & Papa - Salty air hair - Pizookies  - fun family time 

Here are just a couple of my favorite pics from the last week.


victoria said...

Great pics!! Your family is so cute!

Kyle Galuszka said...

I LOVE these pics. My particular favorites are viv in that tutu swimsuit (to die for), Maddy in front of the bakery, and champ looking like an Australian beach bum in that hat. I love your family!


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