Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Fun 2012

I am slowly failing at our summer fun list, maybe I put too many things on it, maybe I was too ambitious, needless to say we have 3 weeks left of summer and we have quite a few things to knock off.  
Today we made homemade finger paint, I came across this recipe last night and had all the ingredients. So after dragging my kids through the grocery store, I told them if they ate there lunch quietly (b/c taking 3 kids to the grocery store gives me a headache) we would do something fun. 

The kids had no idea what I was making, so the anticipation kept growing as i mixed all the colors together!  It was very fun, and they were so intrigued that they could eat it!

 Oh what fun 
Champ said he made a rainbow, it is glorious!! 

 Maddy said she didn't make anything, she painted whatever she felt like making.

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