Monday, August 13, 2012

May the force be with you

Tonight my nephew Isaac is spending the night, Champ is in his glory, playing batmans, playing nerf guns, playing legos, playing star wars laser tag, and playing light sabers.  These 2 are in bed laughing and jumping around still at 9:30.  He also killed me in 2 games of Star Wars Guess Who, before I caught on to his technique! 

We officially knocked 2 more things off our summer fun list, Isaac spending the night, and light saber fights outside in the dark, (dark, dusk same difference!  It started raining.)
Yoda joined in on the festivities too!

 This is his angry obi wan kenobi look 


lori bunk said...

i LOVE this!
much different night over here.... swimming, popcorn, a "girly" movie and now lots of giggling. they are going to be exhausted tomorrow!

Vittoria Gurski said...

Do your neighbors think your crazy?! lol Love the pics!!!!

victoria said...

I couldn't get through any of the pics with 'yoda' in them without laughing! How cute!!! :) :) :)

And, I think that 'dress up as a Star Wars character' should earn its way on your Summer 2012 poster. ;0


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