Friday, July 27, 2012

We are leaving on a jet plane

Tonight we leave for Sunny California.  I am both extremely excited and extremely nervous.  
It is only 9 am and this is what I have heard from my son already.  

    • mom why did you take my batman cape off my batman jammies, i need it to jump out the window of the plane w/my batarang.
    • Do they have air there?  I be hot there.
    • Do they have grass their?  I want to play on it.
    • Champ - What are you going to put in here mom? (pointing to the compartment that zips on his suitcase)
      • Me - I am going to put your underwear in there
      • Champ - Why you bringing underwear, they have bathrooms there.  they have bathrooms there?
      • Champ - we going to make popcorn there?  because I want to bring my popcorn bowl in case we watch a movie.
    I am so glad he has already packed my target flyer and his disney universe poster in my suitcase for me as well! 

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    victoria said...

    Enjoy your vacation!! :)


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