Thursday, July 12, 2012

Twinkies #2

We are creatures of habit over here!! 
All our kids get their first few months bath in the kitchen sink! 
Can you tell who is who??


lori bunk said...

ok.... christopher is a piece of cake (#2), but the girls are hard!!!! viv has to be #3 with that look!!!

Unknown said...

I thought Vivvie is ONE, Christopher TWO, and Maddie ThREE!!! Stated from Peru over wifi!!!

Jessica said...

Maddie is a shoe-in for #1... look at that expression! #2 Champ =) #3 Viv!

victoria said...

Great pics! Maddie still makes that same face! And, I'm with the others, Maddie-1, Champ-2 and sweet little Viv-3.

denise said...

Hmmmm. Maddie, Champ and Viv?? Do I win anything for only having met Two of them in person??!?

jallen said...

viv, christopher, maddies

Keri said...

Ok this is for redemption from my last failure when we did this.....
1. Viv
2. Christopher
3. Maddy

Unknown said...

I'm with Keri!

1. Viv
2. Christopher
3. Maddie


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