Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer Fun: A new park

This morning we ventured out to a new park, for some reason when I drove by it the other day it seemed bigger than when we got there this morning.  It did not matter to my crazies who have been going a bit stir crazy!  
Jaimie and her posse joined us as well.  I love the way our kids play together, there was a point in our friendship where Maddy and Kaylie would JUST FIGHT, they are 2 strong willed girls, and Jaimie and I would just laugh and say "when will they realize they are stuck with each other? we aren't going anywhere!"  Our girls were inseparable today, skipping in sync with each other, picking flowers together, and pushing each other on the swings. 

My SIL posted this picture the other day and described her kids to a tee, without planning it I captured this photo of my kids and it is exactly their personalities without any explanation!

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