Thursday, July 26, 2012

Month 6

Vivienne you are growing up a little too fast and as much as i would love to have you sleeping through the night I don't want you to grow up. 
I think we fell behind with month 5, I took the picture I think I just didn't post it.  

Your newest accomplishments lately...
You are sitting only have eyes for your big sister...your hair is starting to grow...when someone says hello to you, your whole face lights still look at champ with wonderment as to how someone can be so have the cutest little piggy ARE NOT by any means sleeping through the night, or even sleeping more than 3 hours at a love to put everything in your mouth...You love carrots, peas are just are rolling over but only in your crib, you won't do it anywhere love sitting with your brother and sister in the morning cuddled on the are a jumping love to be LOVE to sit up and just look have the cutest smile, it melts my heart even when I am angry with you at 2 have the sweetest belly have 1 tooth and 1 that is just about love to find your image in the mirror adorable because you squeal and smile with excitement...we are all still so madly, deeply smitten with you.


lori bunk said...

i want to pinch those cheeks so bad! i was holding her in the nursery sunday and she jumped up and down for 15 minutes straight! i was tired just watching her!!! xoxox

Kyle Galuszka said...

I love you too, Viv!!! Don't ever grow out of that shirt!


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