Monday, July 23, 2012

Flying by

I feel like summer is flying by, we haven't done much but there is something going on everyday.

  • We are doing this in 4 days, I am scared out of my mind and super duper excited at the same time. 
  • Hopefully we can get some of these marked off while there.  
  • I found this tutorial late one night last week while up with Vivienne, and was dying to make some for the girls, especially since I purchased way too much felt back in January for this.   

  • We got this super fun game last week.  It is loads of fun, but CHamp hasn't quite grasped the concept.  

  • Someone is on solids and LOVING it.  I think her favorite so far is carrots, funny though I am filling this little tank and yet we are still up every 3 hours at night.

  • These 3 are getting too big too quick!  I don't like it at all!

1 comment:

victoria said...

We're still up every 3 hours, too! (I ended that sentence with an exclamation point that has several meanings behind it.(: )


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