Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 1: My heart is FULL

There are memories I vividly remember as a child, however the ones that stand out the most are of my dad and I in the ocean, usually he would go out with my brothers, but once they came in I would grab a board and race out in the ocean with him.  He would tell me which wave was a good one, when to start paddling and then off I went.  We would be out there for hourS.
Those are the memories I want my kids to remember, the kids were so so excited to go "surfing" with Papa.  Champ got the board and was the first out in the ocean with him, but a wave knocked him over and suffering from little sleep from the night before resulted in him coming in and playing in the sand instead.

Now Maddy, put that wrist band on and ran out with my dad (i started crying) he started her off on little breaks at ankle level and gradually started pulling her out farther and farther, my heart was so full watching her ride a wave in with THE BIGGEST GRIN on her face and then turn around give him the thumbs up and run back out to him.  He then would pull her out even farther, she would wipe out and get up and laugh, it is one of those memories that I will NEVER forget!

Look at those rolls!

You can't see it unless you zoom in, but she has her tongue sticking out because she is working so hard on paddling with both her hands and her feet! 
We ended our first day going to a huge 50 food truck rally, little did we know it was at the Del Mar Horse Race track, and there were actually horse races going on.  The kids loved watching a race, they are really very cool to see! 

I love how my cousins love my kids.  Russell let champ sit on his shoulders all afternoon, he drank a red slushie up there, ate a corn dog up there and then ate a deep fried cookie up there with powder sugar on it.  We were walking to our cars when I hear...
Russell:  Champ are you wi[ing your hands on my hair?
Champ: Yeah, they are all dirty

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