Sunday, May 27, 2012

Month 4

Viv you hav survived 4 months in this crazy house!! 

  • You are cooing and squealing up a storm.
  • You will not just laugh for anyone, you really make us work at it.  
  • You are dying to sit up, it's all you want to do. 
  • The last couple days, you have loved sitting watching the morning chaos in the kitchen.
  • We gave you chunks of banana this week, and you loved it, you squealed and kicked with excitement.
  • You love to look at madeline and smile. 
  • You slightly cringe with your crazy brother starts pulling on your limbs and screaming in your face. 
  • You have regressed sleeping, waking up every 4 hours instead of 6!  
  • You have stolen mine and daddy's hearts with that adorable little smile!

1 comment:

lori bunk said...

she honestly makes the cutest/funniest faces ever!!!


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