Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Mobile!

I saw this amazing mobile on Ashley Ann's blog, I am madly in love with EVERYTHING she does and makes!  So I had it saved in my bookmarks thinking I would maybe someday get around to making it, until my very very dear friend had this party.  She was going to throw all the pom poms out, her husband said it was "too much color" for him!  He called me on a Sunday and said I had to come get them or they were gone, I went Monday morning!  

I made the little garland out of paint chip samples.  I punched them out with a 1'' square and circle punch, and fed them to my mom who fed them through the sewing machine.  
Found the adorable balls in a Martha Stewart kit on clearance at Joanne's, and actually have 3 more to make, but maybe we will save them for something else.
I couldn't be more happy with it, it turned out exactly how I had pictured in my head!! 

Oh this is my sweet girl not sure what is going on in her room!


lori bunk said...

oh my word!!!!!!!!!!! you could win awards for that!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Michael said...

love the "too much color" in her room! :)

denise said...

super cute!


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