Sunday, May 13, 2012

Best Mother's Day ever because

  • I woke up cuddling with my little Miss
  • Champ made me the sweetest card with his Grandy, I mean sweetest!
  • My husband made me my favorite breakfast, and it may have been the best one he has ever made!
  • Vivienne know the way to my heart...OPI!
  • Madeline was this close to remembering the perfume I showed her, next year we will be golden!
  • I had an amazing lunch with my wonderful, and wasn't stressed, my children were semi-angels, thanks to their adorable aunt kyle's antics!
  • I spent some quality time with my mother, and actually got a great picture of her and i and my girls!
  • Enjoyed a very quiet drive to my Aunts house with a coke and coldplay, courtesy of my parents bringing the older two with them!
  • My baby, isn't a baby anymore, I really want to cry...

  • My wonderful husband cleaned my kitchen floor
  • All my children were in bed by 8:15!!!
  • I get to enjoy my evening with my wonderful husband!!  
Thank you matt for making me feel so special and loved!  

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