Sunday, April 22, 2012

We must be doing something right, again

My boy has the sweetest heart.  I put him down for his nap this afternoon, and as I was walking away he yelled "we have to pray" so back in I went...

Me - Dear Jesus, give champ sweet dreamies and let us have a good afternoon at Nana and Papa's

Champ - I want to pray for Great Nana

Me - Ok go ahead

Champ - Jesus God, I pray Great Nana doesn't pick up any more crabs, I pray Aunt Kyle gets another shark balloon from the balloon lady, Maddy stays home from school and has no more school eber, and i gibe daddy kisses. Jesus

Here is the story behind the crabs.

1 comment:

Kyle Galuszka said...

I want this prayer to come true! well at least the part about me getting another shark balloon. :)


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