Sunday, April 29, 2012

Month 3

A couple of days late, but better to be late than never!  I did however take the pics on her big 3 Month birthday!  

Oh Vivienne, if you only knew how much joy you bring to our family!  We all are so smitten with you! 

This month...

  • you are very curious about what is going on around you 
  • you want to sit up sooo bad
  • you are a kicking machine, however your little thunder thighs do not show that! 
  • you are the only person in this house that wakes up with the biggest smile!
  • you got your toes painted for the first time
  • you go mostly by Fibi, Fiibers, little lamby, shrimp, or pudge 
  • Champ calls you fiiber fiibers  (sorry we haven't corrected him, he can't pronounce his V's yet!)

  • you are quite serious!!  you have a very serious look on your face most of the time 
  • you LOVE sitting in your bumbo chair and watching the super hero squad with your big brother, he loves that you sit with him too!

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    lori bunk said...

    she honestly makes the cutest faces!


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