Sunday, April 22, 2012

I have this friend

I have this friend...

  • we see each other every day, except SOME saturdays
  • we don't get sick of each other, at least I never get sick of her
  • it is unwritten that we bring each other coffee
  • I stretch her, she is a rule follower and I am a MOSTLY rule follower
  • we usually get together 1 to 2 times a week
    • if we don't, we start to have withdrawals
  • she lifts me up, emotionally and spiritually
  • she makes me want to be a better christian 
  • our lives used to be easy peasy, crafting in the morning with 4 kids running around 
  • our lives now...
    • phone calls after we drop the older ones off to school 
    • feeding babies 
    • laughing at our middle children
    • drinking coffee
    • dreaming of the days when we get to craft together again
I wouldn't trade these moments for the world!! 
I am so glad our kids love each other as well!

Her Zachary and My Vivienne (1 month apart)

Her Drew and My Maddy (4 Months apart)

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Jaimie said...

So...I have this friend...her name is Nina...we have been friends since 7th grade (and even though we went down diff paths for awhile, I am thankful every day (even the Saturdays that we don't see eachother) that the Lord brought her back into my life!!! She is the SWEETEST friend (and wife, and mother, and daughter...) her sticker in her PINK kitchen says it best..."make cupcakes not war"!!! ...and she makes the best cupcakes! She encourages me all the time (iron sharpens iron) and everything she touches turns BEAUTIFUL (even a broken sidewalk chalk box)...I LOVE you Nina Bunk and I wouldn't trade our crazy lives for anything!!!


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