Thursday, March 8, 2012

The princess and the pea

The joke is most 3rd children get the short end of the stick, right?  The mother has so much going on that this baby gets her bottle propped up, if the binky falls on the ground it is ok, we let them cry it out!

Sooooo not the case with this little peanut.  I really don't remember giving my other kids as much royal treatment as I give her.  

  • I hear a little whimper and I go running (most of the time)
  • I snuggle on the couch all night with her, instead of putting her to bed
  • I have let her come into bed with Matt and I on several occasions, Neither of the other 2 EVER EVER got to do that!
  • I only put her in comfy little clothes, because who wants to wear jeans all day (I had so many pairs of jeans and dresses for Maddy)
  • I have had a tendency to let HER plan out my days and nights
  • I have still yet to go out for longer than 45 minutes without her, and am not looking forward to when I have to! 
  • I make her a thrown out of her bouncy seat and blankets to sleep in at night!

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