Monday, February 20, 2012

Champ's Batman Weekend Extravaganza part 1

I tend to go a little overboard on my kids birthdays.  I don't buy them a ton of stuff, but I want to celebrate it all weekend long!!  I love celebrating my kids, so ever since they have been born they get their own weekend!

This weekend Christopher turned 3!
All this little guy wanted...

  • Batman Birthday Party
  • Tacos and candy at his party 
  • Go Bowling 
  • Go to the Candy Store
He might be the easiest and most difficult child I know!
So we went bowling on Saturday and then out to lunch (with ice cream sundaes).  On our way home we stopped at the candy store, where my sweet 3 year old picked out 1 tiny airhead candy, a whopping total of $.30!!  

Madeline got a hold of the camera...


I love these 2 so much!

Ah, I love that he came and took care of her!

My Boys

Look what came out of the ball return!

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