Friday, January 27, 2012

Lots of Visitors!

Vivienne had lots of visitors on her big day!  
She was the most gracious host as well! She didn't make a peep all day!
We are blessed with AMAZING family that is so excited for new babies, I can't believe so much of family came to see her, and on her 1st day! 
I am missing several family members that came, I was a little tired to say the least!



Great Aunt Karen, with a broken arm! 

Her cousin Hannah

Auntie Kyle

Aunt Katie

Great Papa & Great Nana

Aunt Bree

Uncle Chris

Zoey, who LOVED her new little cousin "Indian"


 Her Cousin Jacob, they are only 2 months apart!

 Great Uncle Gary

Her cousin Amber, and her new little BFF too

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