Thursday, January 5, 2012

He is almost 3

This guy will be 3 next month. 
I am madly and deeply in love with him.  
I love spending my morning with just him, he makes me laugh, he flirts with me, and makes girls swoon at the store! 
He has this new little flirty smile he gives me, and when he does it, I will probably buy him just about anything!  
He might be the cutest little guy I have ever laid eyes on (I am partial)!  

There is just one thing that always seems to interfere...BATMAN!
Matt and I can't understand how he got so infatuated with Batman?!!

I don't know if he forgets, or he is just trying to make conversation with me, but EVERYDAY I get asked these same 5 questions...

  • Mom, do you like Batman?
  • Mom, does Pepper like Batman?
  • Mom, is Joker a bad guy or good guy?
  • Mom, do you like the Joker?  I do!!
  • Mom, is Robin Batman's best friend?
In other random Batman news, my little boyfriend, came up to me a couple days ago, lifted my shirt to see my belly button, stuck Batman's gun in my belly button and blew me up apparently!

I am so in love with this age with him, he is so completely adorable, except when he is whining, I can't imagine having another little guy as awesome as he is, I was really hoping this baby was a boy, and I am so happy it isn't!  

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