Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dear #3

I should have known you were going to be the one who gave me a run for my money! What was I thinking, thinking you would be my easy baby.

  • you wake me up at 3:30am EVERY morning
  • you are the only one I have ever had contractions with, and no offense but your killing me with them today
  • you are stubborn just like your daddy, I should have caught on when I needed to go get my ultrasound measurements 4 times!
  • you kick me once to remind me your there, trust me I haven't forgotten, then you make daddy sit there for what seems like 30 minutes before you kick again!
  • you were so sweet your first 6 months, and then I opened my mouth now I can't keep enough Tums stocked in the house for the heartburn you give me!
I love you so much already and can't wait to meet you, neither can your brother and sister.
Christopher is dying to know if you will like batman and tools.  He wants to share his "buddy" with you.

1 comment:

April Maus said...

I am practically laughing out loud at this post!! Not at the fact that you're uncomfortable, but its too cute the way you wrote your letter :)


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