Monday, January 16, 2012

20 questions

I am in love with Paper Coterie, they have the cutest designs, and are pretty reasonably priced. 
 I have been really lucky in getting some excellent promotion codes for their site.  
Right now there are 2 codes out:

I am also in love with pinterest, I'm not sure if I am in love with it or if I love that I have something that is constantly changing in the middle of the night when I lay in bed wide awake playing on my phone!
One thing I pinned awhile back was this 20 questions book to make for my kids, and do every year on their birthday.
I happened to have a Paper Coterie promotion, so I made 2 journals for the kids, I am so excited for them to get here and do them with the kids and hear their cute answers.  
In case you were wondering how adorable my little books came out here they are...

Here is also a link to the 20 questions, she made it so easy for me to do this because there is even a printable pdf of the 20 questions, I may change up a few of the questions however. 

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