Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Birthday Extravaganza begins...

Tonight Madeline got to have her very first friends party, and we went all out.  
Including her and Champ, there were 7 little girls and 3 wild boys running around our house.  Needless to say it was a bit chaotic, but LOADS of fun!  
Everyone arrived promptly at 6, the girls were greeted with Hello Kitty bows for their hair and then quickly ran in to play with everyone else.  

We got everyone settled down for a quick game of "Pin the bow on Hello Kitty" and then enjoyed delicious Hello Kitty grilled cheese sandwiches.  

Following dinner was a quick wrestle match with Mr. Matt and cookie decorating, followed by opening presents and Hello Kitty waffles and ice cream.  

We closed the evening off with a game of Simon says, and a very full pinata. 

Just a few of the highlights...

  • Kate could not drink the juice box with the boy surfer on it, she could only drink the one with the girl surfer. 
  • Zoey does NOT like grilled cheese sandwiches or sugar cookies
  • Alina forgot the special card she made for Madeline, which may have been my favorite moment of the evening seeing her fret over not having the card. 
  • Not a single child cried
  • children have no clue what an indoor voice is 
  • My amazing husband made all the waffles and my amazing sister in law made all the grilled cheese
  • Samantha, my amazing friend came and just blessed us by being there!
  • Rachel came and may have had more fun than the kids at the party!  
A good time was had by all!  

On a serious note, huge THANK YOU to my amazing husband, Rachel, Kyle and Samantha for EVERYTHING, there is no chance I could have pulled this off without ALL of them. 

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Keri said...

I'm glad u blogged about the party - thanks for sharing the pictures and video! Alina loved Maddy's party and talked about it all night. She also has been writing in her little kitty notebook since she got it. Thanks again - you did a great job! :) Happy Birthday Maddy!


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