Saturday, October 29, 2011

California Loove

Matt and I just returned from 10 glorious days in sunny semi-sunny California.  We had a ball, we needed it desperately too!  We enjoyed just enough time with family and just enough without. 

I barely took any pictures, but the ones i did are memorable to me! 
I know that is going to be a very very VERY long time before we can ever do this again, so I am so grateful we took the opportunity to do it!

I can tell you this much I definitely fell more in love with my husband over this last 10 days!
he makes me laugh like no one else can
he makes me fear for my life when driving
he is dedicated
he never complained about how slow i was at everything!
he made sure within the first 2 days, i got my cupcake fix
he made the best mixes for our rides
he admitted to being wrong, on the last day when we were scrambling to find the kids souvenirs
he loves my family, so much so he went to the beach every morning with my dad in the 60 degree ocean
he adores me, for reasons i will never understand

Huge thanks to my Amazing sister in laws and in laws, for all their hard work!  I know it was not an easy task taking on our 2 kiddies!

The view from our hotel, Matt is hiding somewhere in the image!
 The cliff overlooking Blacks Beach (the only nudie beach in cali)

 Pizzeria Luigi, Thanks Guy for the DDD tip!
 My man paddleboarding, a born natural

 This picture does have sentimental meaning to it, I just have to dig up the one we took 5 years ago together!

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