Monday, July 18, 2011

The Fingers

Yesterday afternoon as we skipped into Grandy and Poppy's for a quick dip Maddy got her fingers slammed in the hinge of the door!  After lots and lots of tears we were ready to go for our quick dip.  we headed home and didn't think much of her fingers until i took a pic and sent it to my aunt, so after a little consulting i thought maybe we should take her to the ER just to make sure everything was ok, her fingers looked nasty.  

those are the very bottom of her nails that popped out of the nail beds under her skin

Our favorite PA amber was on, and boy did she have a night!  She was so very busy, she came rushing in and then promised to come back and see us, she was so patient and trying so hard to not let maddy see the needles or scissors she had to use!  However, when that all failed the nurse and i just held her down while amber repaired her little nails that popped out of their nail beds.  It broke my heart how scared and in pain my little girl was, and then my heart broke even more when she started yelling to amber to stop.  amber did such an amazing job on her little hands, now she is all bandaged up and on the mend! 

HOWEVER, in a moment of weakness i made a horrible promise to go to the toy store tomorrow if my little 4 year old could be brave, in hopes she would of course forget about it the next morning.  

Oh but that girl is smart!  7:45 am and the first thing out of her mouth "is toys r us open yet?"


Jessica said...

That SO deserves a trip to Toys R Us!

Gabe ♥ Hannah said...

oh i'm so glad i'm not amber!! i hope she never gets a cavity!!!


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