Thursday, June 9, 2011


We took a little trip down south to Florida, it was much needed.
I for some reason did not take the camera out very much so i only captured a few fun moments, however I am going to copy my sister-in-law and give you the highlights

Favorite things on vacation...THE BEACH, pizookies (if you don't know what they are google them), chick-fil-a, my husbands creative video antics, the kids LOOOVVVEEE for the beach, cheesecake factory with 2 of my most favorite people, hilarious conversations with the same 2 people, charming charlie, THE BEACH, my husband and his sisters 8 year old humor, wonderful in-laws, THE BEACH, my childrens rashguards (which saved us on sunscreen and them on sunburns) bruster's ice cream, THE BEACH, mexican coke, spending 11 glorious days with my husband!

Not so favorite things...Poor Madeline's over exaggerated run in with the barnacles, and getting a call that there is 3 inches of water in our basement at home!

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Jessica said...

Great Pictures Nina. I especially loved the ones of Maddy on the surfboard... 2 cute.


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