Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We did a quick run through at the zoo this morning.  I was feeling rather generous and decided to take the kids in the $4 a person dinosaur exhibit, it was WELL WORTH IT, seeing my little guys eyes brighten as we came up to every dino made it well worth it.  He loved every second of it, now his older sister not so much!
On another note, after falling and tearing his knee up a bit, i have come to find out, my poor son is still traumatized by his last urgent care visit, as he wouldn't even sit still for the nice zoo lady to put a bugs bunny band-aid on his knee.

Kudos to Rachel and Julie for all the help and picture taking...

julie - champ come here lets take a picture
champ - more dino (pointing)

kissing the dino good bye, probably not the most sanitary idea.

the reason we go to the zoo...the mingos!

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