Monday, April 11, 2011

Drawer Labels

My sweet sweet 4 year old daughter is getting to the age of dressing herself, and putting stuff away nicely.  On one hand it is great, she can get her clothes, get dressed, and put her other clothes away.  On the other hand, she picks out her own crazy outfits, and I mean crazy, plus I find pajamas in her pants drawers and pants in her shirt drawer.

I finally cleaned out all her drawers and got everything ready for spring/summer, and thought to myself, it is only a matter of time before I find some random goodness in each of these drawers

I love love love these drawer knobs, but lets be realistic, I am in a season and it is a short one and only a matter of time before she really starts to figure out what goes where.  So I came up with these cute labels for her drawers, they aren't amazing, but for my simple 4 year old and husband they will work.

Maddy and I went down to the cricut and made some little clothes labels.  She was super excited to pick out what color paper each piece of clothing would be.

Here is to clean drawers!

 I happen to have the dress up paper doll cartridge, so we had to improvise on the pajamas label (we made a dress a nightgown)

 She was so excited to hang each label from the coordinating drawer with a little curling ribbon.


Keri said...

I LOVE this idea!!! SOOOO CUTE! I would like to put my order in ;)
ha ha

I think you and ur new machine are a perfect match - u make the cutest things!

denise said...

I SOOOO need those!!!! But in boy colors :) Cute!


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