Thursday, March 17, 2011

his lego birthday party

My nephew turned 5 this week, and he is having a lego birthday party this evening.  I was super excited to make his cake, i had these big plans to make a brick cake, however they got pushed to the wayside when lego discontinued their brick cake mold!

Yes i know i could have jerryrigged a brick cake like this, however there was no way it would have turned out that good!

so i opted for little lego men!  The lego store did have an ice tray in the shape of lego men, so from there i was in search for something creative, and came across these.

The lego guys were sooo much fun to make, they were a lot of work but a lot of fun!

The worst part about having a creative sister-in-law, is you have the same idea, the best part is, it is no surprise what i am making so i can post this early.

They are by no means perfect, but for my 5 year old nephew he is going to LOVE them!

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April Maus said...

you MADE the Lego men?? You are seriously going down in the Hall of Fame of cake decorating. I know one day Isaac will appreciate how creative and thoughtful you always were when it came to his birthday cakes :) What a great Auntie!


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