Saturday, March 26, 2011

Geting ready for the party

I had a gigantic gift for my nephew Anthony for his 1st birthday, and realized the morning of his party that I didn't have enough birthday wrapping paper to wrap it.  
So i improvised. 
Using the back of some christmas wrapping paper, i wrapped it in white.  
The kids loved that I let them decorate the gift, and that they got to sit on the table. 

On another note, don't you love these adorable rice krispie treats. 
I cut each of them out with a cookie cutter, and dipped them in candy melts. 
Happy Birthday Anthony!!


nikki galas said...

I want those rice krispie treats. now. please.

Jaimie said...

how fun! those rice krispie treats are sooooo cute!!! and btw...i don't think I told you how much i LOVE your blog pic. It is seriously the CUTEST picture I have ever seen. It tops every postcard by far:)

lori bunk said...

those turned out amazing!!!!!!! SUPER CUTE!!!

denise said...

those rice crispy treats are awesome!


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