Sunday, February 13, 2011

valentines part 2

We made cookies for Madeline's valentine party this morning.  

I don't remember how i came across these cookies, but i loved them when i saw them.  
I thought since we were already making sugar cookies we could try them. 
 The kids loved putting the candies in the middle of them, and watching it melt in the oven. 

 i actually crushed some dum-dum suckers, i think jolly ranchers would probably work a little better.

 they were super easy to make and look how cute they look.

My SIL found these adorable cookies, and i was determined to make them.
They didn't turn out as cute as hers but, my mom will be so happy! 


Keri said...

very cute - they look like little jewels!

Gabe ♥ Hannah said...

i love their lil faces... cute idea nina

lori bunk said...

i can't believe you did those mailbox cookies!!!! they turned out so cute! (ummmmm, on another note, WHEN did you have time to do these??)


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