Saturday, February 12, 2011

rice krispie hearts

I have had all these adorable valentine's day crafts bookmarked and purchased.  I had such high hopes to make this valentines day special for my kids this year, however life got in the way this year.  Both kids were down with the flu for 5 days, and then we had a small family emergency happen, that really threw all of us for a tizzy!
So after several days back and forth visiting the hospital, I finally had some time to make some projects with the kids.

First on the list rice krispie treats, I knew both kiddies would love making the treats and dipping them.  I forgot about what a mess it would be later.

They so enjoyed, taking turns stirring and pouring, and really really loved dipping them in the chocolate.

Their treats definitely didn't turn out like planned, but they sure are cute, in a 4 year old way!

not happy she had to share!
 I turned away for one second and he was chowing down!

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