Sunday, February 20, 2011

the party

Party day came and went! 
here is the run down
  • AMAZING homemade garlic aioli with paninis
  • chocolate cake 
  • girl scout samoa ice cream
  • 2 bunk kids with a run in with the pinata bat
  • the birthday boy falling down the stairs
  • lots of fun!
  • dinosaurs everywhere

  •  2 little basketball buddys

  •  the birthday boy singing happy birthday to himself

However the highlight of my evening was watching my little man eating his dessert with all his cousins.  He then noticed that his 2 favorite men were sitting in the other room, so he grabbed his plate and walked into the other room to have his dessert with his papa and poppy!  
my little old soul!


lori bunk said...

i feel like yesterday was a whirlwind, so i forgot to tell you that you always do such a great job on your kids's birthday parties! and the food is always amazing!!

Keri said...

so cute!! I love those adorable little dinosaurs on the wall!!
Happy Birthday Christopher!

Patti Carollo said...

Nina...everything looks adorable, and perfect as usual!
I'm so happy to see that your Dad was there looking great too!! <3

denise said...

Happy Birthday Christopher!!! The party looked so cute!

Karen said...

so so so adorable... just like you...


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