Saturday, February 19, 2011

he IS 2

Happy birthday my little wild man!

You have brought so much joy and happiness into our lives.  
Here 10 things that I absolutely adore abut you my little guy...
  1. you make the cutest dinosaur faces
  2. you are a lover, not a fighter
  3. you love to watch sports with daddy on saturday mornings
  4. you love to play with anything that has a ball in it
  5. you will go along with just about anything your big sister tells you to do
  6. your smile brightens my morning
  7. your sleepy laugh at night, tempts me to let you stay up later than you should
  8. you are one of the craziest sleepers i have ever seen
  9. please don't ever stop crawling on my lap and snuggling
  10. you are way smarter than you let on!
I love you so much champ!  

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