Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hopes, Hopes and more Hopes

madeline got this adorable devotional for christmas from Aunt Lori and Uncle Chris.  She LOVES it and so do I, I so look forward to reading it together every night with her.  We are on day 17 (somehow i screwed up the days) anyway I LOVED last nights devo, so I thought I would share it with you!

Make me hear joy and gladness
Psalm 51:8

Hope is a very good thing to have...and to share.  So make this promise to yourself and keep it: promise yourself that you'll be a hopeful person.  Think good thoughts.  Trust God.  Become friends with Jesus.  And trust your hopes, not your fears.  Then, when you've filled your heart with hope and gladness, share your gladness, share your good thoughts with friends.  They'll be better for it, and so will you.  

A Timely Tip
Think about all the things you have (starting with your family and your faith)...and think about all the things you can do!  Believe in yourself.

A Bedtime Prayer
I have so many reasons to be happy.  Let me thing good thoughts and look for the good in other people. And, help me be a joyful person now and always.  Amen

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lori bunk said...

i'm so glad you guys like it! i love that scripture today!


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